The injustices of the socalled criminal justice system has disproportionately incarcerated individuals from a lower economic status… modern day slavery runs simultaneously with capitalism, as housing people produces money. The concept reins true in real estate as well, you house people to produce money. Let’s be honest how many people reading this blog have family members who have been affected by this machine. I’m not propagating that breaking the law is okay, but what I am propagating is that reform is necessary. With our president having a doctorate in jurisprudence some of the issues of reform should be bound to be addressed.

Allow us to examine the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution: slavery shall be abolished except… Unambiguously, their should be a constitutional amendment made against this law. All American families are affected by someone being incarcerated, especially if your family is from the lower income communities which is increasing daily with the economic disparities. In our families and communities the every day citizens have become responsible for the rehabilitation of our loved ones. There is no argument that African Americans make up the majority of our prison population, as if some of the laws are specially tailored to affect their families. A clairovoyant example are the cocaine laws that offer a significant more time to the individual depending on the form it’s in. Justice should be implemented across the board or injustices will run rampant…

What is your position on the criminal justice machine?