Mind Control with Electromagnetic Frequency





Ms. Soleilmavis Liu
Sponsor Activist of Peacepink
Yantai, Shandong Province, China

Recent years, the words “mind control abuse and torture” and “target individual” appears frequently online. Thousands of people in groups or individually cries attention to the abuses and tortures with electromagnetic mind control technologies through internet and all other channels. The scale of the ongoing crimes is large, and hidden. People are asking for the worldwide attention and an international investigation of enormous human rights violations that are silently taking place worldwide at this moment.

One of the twenty-first century’s greatest violations of human rights is the proliferationof mind control technologies and their accompanying abuse and torture. Thousands of innocent victims across the globe have become activists for their freedom. Electromagnetic mind control technologies are weapons which use electromagnetic waves to hijack a person’s brain and nervous system and subvert an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making. This article is a brief introduction to mind control technologies, the grave situation of hidden mind control abuses and tortures, and victims, including Soleilmavis Liu, whose work is to expose mind control technologies and their torturous abuses, and to urge governments worldwide to investigate and halt these egregious violations of human rights.

Keywords: Mind control technology; voice-to-skull; victim, Human Rights; Torture; Abuse

Thousands of people in groups or individually cries attention to the abuses and tortures with electromagnetic mind control technologies through internet and all other channels. The scale of the ongoing crimes is large, and hidden. People are asking for the worldwide attention and an international investigation of enormous human rights violations that are silently taking place worldwide at this moment.

This article will briefly introduce mind control technologies, current data of mind control victims, Soleilmavis’ case summary, and their work to expose mind control abuse and torture. Soleilmavis’ case summary and her work will hopefully bring more public awareness to the secret crimes of mind control abuses and tortures.

Brief introduction of mind control technologies

Mind control technologies are weapons which use electronic microchip implants,
nanotechnologies, microwaves and/or electromagnetic waves to subvert an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making by attacking the brain and nervous system. The development of these methods and technologies has a long history.

Nazi researchers used concentration camp inmates to test a cocaine-based “wonder drug” they hoped would enhance the performance of German troops. Hamburg-based criminologist Wolf Kemper believed that D-IX pills were Hitler’s last secret development. The so-called Experiment D-IX started in November of the year 1944 in Sachsenhausen concentration camp. The results of all those tests inspired their initiators to supply D-IX drug to the entire Nazi Army. However, they failed to launch the mass production of the substance. The allies’ victories at both fronts in winter and spring of in 1945 resulted in the collapse of the Nazi regime. The absurd dream of the wonder drug was crushed. [1] According to the “Want to Know” information site, “After the end of World War II, German scientists were held in a variety of detainment camps by the allies. In 1946, President Truman authorized Project Paperclip to exploit German scientists for American research, and to deny these intellectual resources to the Soviet Union.”

Some reports bluntly pointed out that they were “ardent Nazis.” They were considered so vital to the “Cold War” effort that they would be brought into the US and Canada. Some of these experts had participated in murderous medical experiments on human subjects at concentration camps. A 1999 report to the Senate and the House said “between 1945 and 1955; 765 scientists, engineers, and technicians were brought to the US under Paperclip and similar programs.” (Bluebird Report) 2. Mk-ultra, America’s Central Intelligence Agency mind control project. The Central Intelligence Agency’s Fact Book states the NSC (National Security Council) and the CIA were established under the provisions of the National Security Act of 1947. In December 1947, the NSC held its first meeting. James Forrestal, the Secretary of Defense, pushed for the CIA to begin a “secret war” against the Soviets. Forrestal’s initiative led to the execution of psychological warfare operations (psy-ops) in Europe. CIA personnel were not opposed to working with Nazi doctors who had proven to be proficient in breaking the mind and rebuilding it. In some cases, military bases were used to hide these covert activities. It was decided that the communist threat was an issue that took priority over constitutional rights. One of the areas to be investigated by the CIA was Mind Control. The CIA’s human behavior control program was chiefly motivated by perceived Soviet, Chinese, and North Korean use of mind control techniques. Under the protection of “national security,” many other branches of the government also took part in the study of this area. The CIA originated its first program in 1950 under the name BLUEBIRD, which in 1951, after Canada and Britain had been included, was changed to ARTICHOKE. MKULTRA officially began in 1953. Technically it was closed in 1964, but some of its programs remained active under MKSEARCH well into the seventies. In 1973, tipped off about forthcoming investigations, CIA Director Richard Helms ordered the destruction of any MKULTRA records. (MC 10, 17) There is an overwhelming body of evidence that confirms the existence of Mk-ultra. More than 250 people who claim they were the victims of “brainwashing” by America’s Central Intelligence Agency were set to win a multimillion dollar legal battle for compensation. Nine already had each received $67,000 (£33,500) compensation from the spy agency, which had admitted to setting up an operation codenamed MK-Ultra during the Cold War. ot




How much are we engaged as a society in modern technology on a daily basis. Today it is practically impossible to function without utilizing some form of data from the internet.

To fill out employment applications, to apply to an educational institution, to find information on local businesses, the lists goes on into mathematical algorithms of an infinite web of the internet.

If you want to participate in this society you must be plugged into the grid of the internet and if you are not on the grid you are practically not participating in the society. Logging into this web you are functioning as an avatar interacting on a global scale, as different entities target you for advertising purposes for profit.

The interesting aspect is the web is shaped by its designers, meaning the originators are ultimately in control of the final destination of their program. How you function in that program, what you can and can’t do, so much so you will have long legal terms of agreements that ninety- nine percent of its users will never read.

Ultimately, participating in someone else’s program not knowing all of the rules, basically means participating in ignorance. Common sense tells us anything done in ignorance can have its consequences, especially when dealing with programs that are designed for profit.

Every social media platform is a new representation of you as a new entity. If you fail to engage yourself with this new age technology you are looked upon as regressive, strange. What we understand is that oftentimes those that were strange in history were found to be the geniuses. Ultimately, this new avatar is like any other program that should be taken advantage of to one’s benefit versus their detriment.

The question in laymen terms are you utilizing the web for your benefit or is it being utilized at your detriment…

Stay tuned for part two of this discussion, on “Today’s Information Age and Social Media…


wpid-wp-1439254842803.jpgImage of Sandra Bland

The mother of the children, the first teacher, the one that has been the backbone of the community of African descent since before slavery. Women such as Harriet Tubman come from this community, who has been historically known for forcing slaves to run for freedom by placing a gun to their head.

This mentality from many of the women of African descent has been at the very heart of the community, as they have made tremendous sacrifices for the future generation.

The woman has been the strength of the families in this community, as the men were suspended in an oppressed condition. Even in today’s society where males of African descent are disproportionately incarcerated at an alarming rate, so much so that one out of three males are under the control of the system, statistically. In some parts of the country that statistic is even worse, as the citizens view their living conditions as a police state. Not only are the males incarcerated but they have also been disenfranchised from receiving adequate employment opportunities because they possess felons on their records.

Sandra Bland was one incident that has awakened the world to the killing of the women of African descent because of the injustice and racism that is prevalent still in America. There are many other victims such as Shelly Frey, who was also murdered in the state of Texas and shot in the neck twice by overzealous law enforcement officers.

wpid-wp-1439255084229.jpgImage of Shelly Frey

There are many other situations and untold stories in regards to the women of African descent being unjustly murdered. It is pass time that these stories got out to the world and it is pass time that these situations are bought to a halt. Anyone can be a victim because of their mere skin color or more so because of the injustice that exists within the fabric of our society.

The community of the world must remain vigilant in speaking out against these injustices, along with educating one another on the appropriate responses to being stopped by law enforcement.


Employment discrimination is an ugly disease that is eating away at the fabric of our society and has been accepted for too long. Healthy men and women are unable to provide for their families because of a misfortune or infraction in their history. Let me reemphasize history, as double jeopardy is unconstitutional in our society from a legal standpoint; however, it appears to be practiced everyday through employment discrimination.

Let us change this double jeopardy that affects so many lives and stop employment discrimination today by overcoming the barriers that still plague our society. Every citizen regardless of race, religious preference or social background has a right to be gainfully employed. One of the key components to being a productive citizen in society is being able to able to be gainfully employed.

The decision is ours as a people, if we want the discrimination to stop now we can by standing against it. Stand up against discrimination wherever it exists and watch the change take affect…


Dr. Charles Knox, aka Mahmoud Abbas, born in Chicago, Illinois and traveled throughout the world fighting for international human rights...
CknoxAs we approach what is considered black history month, we recognize a community activist that fought throughout his entire life for change and social justice in the world. His voice for international human rights still can be heard today and his legacy continues through his students who he adopted, treating like his own children. As he embraced the African concept, 'it takes a village to raise a child.' My friend, great leader and mentor you are never forgotten... Your legacy for institution building in the inner city community continues...


Did the world expect a Malcolm X, also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz to come out of the American prison system… The world was taken by storm and many brothers such as this are produced everyday in our judicial system that fail to get recognition, but will one day rise by divine ordainment. The prison system adversely affects families daily at an epidemic rate and those affected by this system continue to grow at an astounding rate. Not only by our citizens becoming property, as the prison system is on our stock market and through the 13th Amendment. However, our society is affected because most people incarcerated will one day be released from prison and back into society. What are we to do with this population that is affected disproportionately by major issues such as employment discrimination and recidivism. As a civilized society we are obligated to do whatever it takes to stop discrimination against anyone and stand up for the rights of every citizen… We implore everyone to take a stance against discrimination in all of its forms…

International Civil Rights Leader
International Civil Rights Leader…

Voting... A History of Fighting For Freedom

How much progress have we made since the times we were refused the right to vote… Are we on a continuous route to progression or regression… Just less then fifty years ago we were beaten and hosed down for attempting to exercise our rights as citizens…


The injustices of the socalled criminal justice system has disproportionately incarcerated individuals from a lower economic status… modern day slavery runs simultaneously with capitalism, as housing people produces money. The concept reins true in real estate as well, you house people to produce money. Let’s be honest how many people reading this blog have family members who have been affected by this machine. I’m not propagating that breaking the law is okay, but what I am propagating is that reform is necessary. With our president having a doctorate in jurisprudence some of the issues of reform should be bound to be addressed.

Allow us to examine the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution: slavery shall be abolished except… Unambiguously, their should be a constitutional amendment made against this law. All American families are affected by someone being incarcerated, especially if your family is from the lower income communities which is increasing daily with the economic disparities. In our families and communities the every day citizens have become responsible for the rehabilitation of our loved ones. There is no argument that African Americans make up the majority of our prison population, as if some of the laws are specially tailored to affect their families. A clairovoyant example are the cocaine laws that offer a significant more time to the individual depending on the form it’s in. Justice should be implemented across the board or injustices will run rampant…

What is your position on the criminal justice machine?