facebook_-1287382557Josef Figueroa was born in the heart of the inner city community at a time when it was popular to fight for change and social justice. Growing up in the Chicagoland area shapes a young man and it certainly assisted in shaping him become the advocate he is today for international human rights. His worldview is reflected in his works and his agenda for change is pushed daily in the inner city community through his national organization, Operation Change. He is also known by the following:

An artist propagating a positive message from the depths of his soul, not only through words but also through pictorial documentation… Furthermore, this artist provides different material as his paradigm offers a completely different understanding of reality… As his reality has directly experienced injustice from the inequality that is prevalent in society between the have’s and the have not’s…

Josef Figueroa’s books offer an inspirational lift, along with a solution to fighting the overwhelming problems in our community, and his unique methodology is much needed for large groups of people. Pay attention as you are taking on the superior journey he provides from a scholarly perspective to the quality information for the laymen.


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