How much are we engaged as a society in modern technology on a daily basis. Today it is practically impossible to function without utilizing some form of data from the internet.

To fill out employment applications, to apply to an educational institution, to find information on local businesses, the lists goes on into mathematical algorithms of an infinite web of the internet.

If you want to participate in this society you must be plugged into the grid of the internet and if you are not on the grid you are practically not participating in the society. Logging into this web you are functioning as an avatar interacting on a global scale, as different entities target you for advertising purposes for profit.

The interesting aspect is the web is shaped by its designers, meaning the originators are ultimately in control of the final destination of their program. How you function in that program, what you can and can’t do, so much so you will have long legal terms of agreements that ninety- nine percent of its users will never read.

Ultimately, participating in someone else’s program not knowing all of the rules, basically means participating in ignorance. Common sense tells us anything done in ignorance can have its consequences, especially when dealing with programs that are designed for profit.

Every social media platform is a new representation of you as a new entity. If you fail to engage yourself with this new age technology you are looked upon as regressive, strange. What we understand is that oftentimes those that were strange in history were found to be the geniuses. Ultimately, this new avatar is like any other program that should be taken advantage of to one’s benefit versus their detriment.

The question in laymen terms are you utilizing the web for your benefit or is it being utilized at your detriment…

Stay tuned for part two of this discussion, on “Today’s Information Age and Social Media…


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