Did the world expect a Malcolm X, also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz to come out of the American prison system… The world was taken by storm and many brothers such as this are produced everyday in our judicial system that fail to get recognition, but will one day rise by divine ordainment. The prison system adversely affects families daily at an epidemic rate and those affected by this system continue to grow at an astounding rate. Not only by our citizens becoming property, as the prison system is on our stock market and through the 13th Amendment. However, our society is affected because most people incarcerated will one day be released from prison and back into society. What are we to do with this population that is affected disproportionately by major issues such as employment discrimination and recidivism. As a civilized society we are obligated to do whatever it takes to stop discrimination against anyone and stand up for the rights of every citizen… We implore everyone to take a stance against discrimination in all of its forms…

International Civil Rights Leader
International Civil Rights Leader…

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