The injustices of the socalled criminal justice system has disproportionately incarcerated individuals from a lower economic status… modern day slavery runs simultaneously with capitalism, as housing people produces money. The concept reins true in real estate as well, you house people to produce money. Let’s be honest how many people reading this blog have family members who have been affected by this machine. I’m not propagating that breaking the law is okay, but what I am propagating is that reform is necessary. With our president having a doctorate in jurisprudence some of the issues of reform should be bound to be addressed.

Allow us to examine the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution: slavery shall be abolished except… Unambiguously, their should be a constitutional amendment made against this law. All American families are affected by someone being incarcerated, especially if your family is from the lower income communities which is increasing daily with the economic disparities. In our families and communities the every day citizens have become responsible for the rehabilitation of our loved ones. There is no argument that African Americans make up the majority of our prison population, as if some of the laws are specially tailored to affect their families. A clairovoyant example are the cocaine laws that offer a significant more time to the individual depending on the form it’s in. Justice should be implemented across the board or injustices will run rampant…

What is your position on the criminal justice machine?




In todays information age of interacting through social media, and the changing world of meeting new people ¬†through the internet, it is necessary to investigate our prospective mates. Unfortunately, the affects of this devastating economy and poverty increasing on a global scale have been nothing more then a catalyst for predators taking advantage of a lot of innocent people. The book “Romanticizing Relationships” provides a clear blueprint for the necesaary avenues we can exhaust when investigating a prospective partner that readers have found quite effective. The techniques highlighted in the book not only can save you from overwhelming emotional stress, they also can save you from being victimized by an enormous amount of financial burdens.

The necessary challenge for all is to become more informed about the dangers that individuals can be subjected to without educating themselves. Getting educated and becoming more informed is essential for survival in today’s society. If you have been victimized by a prospective partner or mate that you were involved with for a short period of time, please share your experience as we at Power Productions, Inc. are very interested in your stories to assist in alleviating people from getting preyed upon… and victimized by ignorance…


Violence is increasing at new highs in some inner city communities. In cities like Chicago the number of deaths due to violent crime has reached peaks like never before. Unfortunately, the methodologies utilize to eliminate these crimes have been quite ineffective and because of this communities live in terror. This terror is not only caused by the so-called criminals but it is also caused by overzealous law enforcement officers.

Understanding the methodologies to move a community that’s plagued with violence from the youth requires dynamic innovation and sincere efforts. This innovation extends to vocational rehabilitation, job creation, and for elders in the community to take the place of their rightful position. Continuous incarceration with no rehabilitation is just a perpetuation of the injustice that victimizes the inner city community as these individuals will once be released to the same community they committed their crimes in. Which highlights it definitely takes a village to raise a child.

Institution building in the inner city community is necessary like never before in these disadvantaged areas, including an understanding of the mind state of these youth. ¬†The book “The Rejuvenation: Overcoming the False Reality,” provides the essentials for understanding the youth in the inner city community.